iPhone 8 Concept And Design

iPhone 8 has been a tremendously rumored topic in the world of smartphones, especially for the Apple fans. It has been just a month since the new iPhone SE was launched in the market. We had made a detailed analysis about the iPhone SE in the previous article. We all know that with every iPhone, Apple comes up with some awesome and intriguing features. We hence, expect the same kind of advanced features in the upcoming iPhone 8. Today we will be talking about the latest iPhone 8 Concept and the iPhone 8 Design. So make sure that you read the whole article and get the deep insights about the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 Concept

We all know that Apple is known for bringing about the elegance and class in the design of the iPhones, be it the very first iPhone or the latest flagship iPhone 6S. Hence, it is very evident and expected that the new iPhone 8 design will be mesmerizing and desirable enough for the people to buy the iPhone 8 in a snap of time. When it comes to talking about the design of the iPhone 8, the very first thing to be discussed is the size of iPhone 8 compared to the previous iPhone 6S or maybe iPhone 7.

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So let us tell you that a simple logic suggests that the size of iPhone 8 has to be relatively larger than theiPhone 6S. Hence, we can easily predict that the iPhone 8 screen size will swing around 5.5 to 6 inches. Now, it will be interesting to see what the Apple think tank feels about the iPhone 8 size. Next it the iPhone 8 display, which looks just crystal clear and you can substitute the iPhone 8 for a mirror. The new iPhone 8 display is expected to be equipped with Gorilla Glass to make it rough and tough. This will improve the durability of the device and ensure a damage free iPhone even after it falls down often.

iPhone 8 Design

iPhone 8 Design

Now that we now about the iPhone 8 screen and iPhone 8 display, the next thing which awaits is the iPhone 8 design. Now, the iPhone 8 design has always set a new benchmark after every iPhone release in the market. The latest iPhone SE also rocked the projectors at the launch event when it boggled the mind of people with it’s aesthetic design. Hence, the iPhone 8 design is more or less expected to follow the traditional iPhone approach but however, we might witness some changes in the placement of speakers, the volume buttons and maybe the advanced and new sensors.  Obviously, we will be here to enjoy the hallmark round button of iPhone 8 at the bottom which might be loaded with come more technological sensors this time.

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Conclusion :

Now, this was all we could gather about the iPhone 8 design and iPhone 8 Concept from the rumors brewing around on the internet. Though we expect at least 8% of our research to come up true and you will see that in the iPhone 8 launch event. Well, it will also be interesting to here from you guys. Tell us what all you expect from the new iPhone 8 in the comments below and let us know your views on the new iPhone 8 design. We will be back with a new iPhone 8 article soon.

Apple iPhone SE Specifications and Design

There were continuous rumors about the new Apple iPhone being launched in the market. But no one knew which would be the next iPhone the world will see. Was it going to be an iPhone 7, iPhone 8 or something else. Finally however, the new iPhone SE was unveiled in an official event held by Apple. Now, what new have the Apple iPhone SE brought, is it even an upgrade to the latest iPhone 6S or just a sibling? We are here to answer all your doubts and present you the in depth insights to the Apple iPhone SE.

iPhone SE Design

Now, taking the first look at iPhone SE, the smartphone seems similar to iPhone 6S. Even the specifications match to that of iPhone 6S. So you might think what new does the iPhone SE holds for us? Well, maybe for the first time, Apple has taken a step forward to launch a budget friendly smartphone. Yes, now even those who would just dream of having an Apple iPhone could literally think of having one after the iPhone SE launch. We will discuss the software specifications and the iPhone SE price later in the article.

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Apple has now gone back to the small iPhones which can be handled well with one hand and still not give a hard time to our pockets. But the iPhone SE has kept itself desirable as it’s body is being made of aluminium just like it’s sibling iPhone 6S. Hence, even though covering more smartphone consumers by it’s price, iPhone SE has still managed to carry it’s charm with all those generic Apple iPhone things. The iPhone SE design is just as enticing as it should get. Needless to say once again Apple has launched a smartphone which will rock the market when it is launched.

  1. 4 Inch Screen with a resolution of 1136 x 640
  2. 64 Bit Apple Processor
  3. 12 MP rear camera with all the latest apple sensor technologies installed
  4. 1.2 MP front camera
  5. Touch ID
  • iPhone SE Design

Though the specifications of the iPhone SE is inclined more towards the iPhone 6S, but the design is inspired from the iPhone 5C. This is evident from the fact that the iPhone 6S has curved sides while the iPhone 5C and our new iPhone SE, both have straight sides. One thing which caught my attention was that the rear camera didn’t troubled the body and was at par with the surface and hence didn’t provide any bulge out. Rest all the buttons are well set at their usual positions, as found in an iPhone.

As we said that the iPhone SE is just like a sibling of iPhone 6S, hence the performance of iPhone SE will be just as much quick and reliable. However, Apple didn’t mention anything about the battery of iPhone SE and hence it can turn out to be an issue. But the moot point now remains the price of iPhone SE. So, let me tell you that the Apple iPhone SE will cost you $359 for the 16 GB model and $459 for the 64 GB model. The preorders for Apple iPhone SE will start from 24th March and the shipping for the same will from 31st March, 2016.

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iPhone iRelease is all about the new iPhones like iPhone 8 Release Date, Specs, Price and Features. and also the new updated iOS versions.

iPhone 8 Price, Concept Design And Specifications

Apples has always been a luxury brand for the elite people in this world. It has swiftly redefined itself from merely a phone to a class. In today’s world, having a Apple iPhone sets you apart from the crowd because of it’s eccentric peculiarity. Recently the latest launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S just brought back the charm Apple used to carry. Innovation is the key element which differentiates Apple from other smartphones. People have always been fascinated by the diversity in the utilities offered by every new iPhone. We can takes the example of upcoming iPhone 8 concept design. Apple has been trying to bring in new technology in the iPhone 8 hardware. Though these are merely iPhone 8 rumors but they do hold some sort of authenticity. We have always traced some smell of iPhone 8 price which we will be sharing with your guys today along with the iPhone 8 leaked specifications.

iPhone 8 Curved Design

It all dates back to 29th June, 2007 when the first model of iPhone was introduced to this world. Everyone was baffled with this new smartphone given it’s unique features and it took no time to capture consumer’s hearts. It has been almost 9 years. The last iPhone which was released in 2015 was iPhone 6 &iPhone 6S. If we go according to the custom of Apple, the next model should definitely be iPhone 7 or maybe the ultimate iPhone 8. Whichever it may be, but we are sure to witness some alluring new design of the iPhone along with some new technological advancements and developed features. There are various parameters which could change in the new iPhone like iPhone 8 Screen, processors, design, specifications, etc. Many new features powered by upgraded sensors and gesture controls are also expected to arrive along with the iPhone 8. We will discuss every rumored information we have regarding the iPhone 8 here in this article.

iphone 8 mat finish design

iPhone 8 Concept Design

iPhone has always kept it’s trademark in the world of smartphones by retaining a simple and classic design in all it’s versions. Though being nothing fancy, the iPhone design is filled with elegance and looks classy. Hence keeping this legacy stagnant, the iPhone 8 concept design also has the same charm of a typical iPhone. However, some lavish touches have been added with has just enhanced the look of the iPhone. As you can see in the images, there are various concept design which could turn out into the new iPhone 8. Possibilities are endless just as imaginations. You never know what Apple is thinking, but it is surely ahead of all our predictions. Therefore, you can expect the new iPhone 8 design to be atleast up to the standard of these images or even better. As we know that Apple has always delivered desirable products, the iPhone 8 will again be something new to look forward to.


iPhone 8 Specifications

iPhone 8 Specifications and Features are not those which belong to just another smartphone ready be launched next week. Apple takes enough time to showcase their research in the field of smartphone and launched mind boggling iPhone every year. So the iPhone 8 specifications are definitely not like those of a conventional smartphone.

As we know that the iPhone 6 & iPhone 6S which was the last launch by Apple had a screen size of 5.5 inch, the new iPhone 8 will surely have a screen size of atleast 6 inches or even more. News have also been brewing that the iPhone 8 will be adopting AMOLED display. Some also say that it will features an OLED display screen. But the moot point is that the new iPhone 8 screen will be better than the previous one. We also have an expectation that the new iPhone 8 Display/Screen shall be tough to break and discard the fear from water, i.e it should be water resistant as well.


Talking about the Camera, we take present you a simple comparison. You can try taking picture from an iPhone camera which is 8 MP and then carry out the same thing with another smartphone with 8MP camera. You will be shocked to see the difference. The iPhone 8 Camera will surely increase the difference as we do not expect Apple to go beyond 13 or 14 MP camera in iPhone 8. The present iPhone 6 & iPhone 6S posses a 12 MP camera and the picture quality is beyond perfection. Hence what we expect from the iPhone 8 Camera is some new sensors which can help in taking pictures dynamically. It would be interesting to see what Apple comes up with in the new iPhone 8 Camera.


iPhone 8 Memory need a lot of revision. We had mentioned this thing in our previous post as well. There is a lot of demand from consumers that the iPhone should also offer a 32 GB model. Previously there was an era when those who wouldn’t need much of memory would buy a 16 GB model. But the world has changed a lot and even those who don’t need much of memory feel that 16 Gb is too less for a smartphone consumer today. Hence, we expect that Apple will acknowledge this request and bring in a 32 GB iPhone 8 model for their fans.

Apple iPhone 8 Price & Release Date

When we talk about improved features and better technology, we should should also realize that the price for the same would increase. The recently launched iPhone 6 & iPhone 6S had their prices in the range of $800. Hence, after the release of iPhone 7, we can not expect the iPhone 8 price to be anywhere below $900 or $950. So now that we know about the iPhone 8 price, we can also discuss about the iPhone 8 Release Date. This is very difficult to predict. But given the present scenario, we can see that Apple is all set to release the new iPhone 5SE in March, 2016. So if we consider that Apple will release the new iPhone 7, then we can not expect to see the iPhone 8 launch event anywhere before 2018. But if Apple decides to skip the iPhone 7, then the consumers will get to witness the iPhone 8 launch date in 2017 itself. So it all depend on how Apple takes the further decisions, but we can be sure that we will get to see the new iPhone 8 in the market in a couple of years down the line.

Apple iPhone 8 Release Date, Specs And Features

Apple has always helped technology flourished into it’s products. Since it’s inception, each model of iPhone have brought along with it new innovations. Infact, innovation is what has boosted the growth of Apple iPhone smartphones among the consumers around the world. Recently the Apple iPhone 6 &iPhone 6S were released in the market which were equipped with many new features like front flash & 3D touch. After that, the all new iPhone 7 is ready to be launched in the market. Post that, the most awaited iPhone 8 will be released. Obviously, the iPhone 8 rumors have been doing quite a round in the market. Many have been claiming the leaked iPhone 8 features& leaked iPhone 8 specifications. But, we have researched a lot and finally gathered some trustful information which every Apple fan needs to know regarding the iPhone 8 release date and it’s launch.

The 6th edition of Apple iPhone was released in 2015 and people have not been able to get enough of it yet. Though a lot of time remains, people are still eager to know about the latest happening regarding iPhone 8. With every iPhone that rolls out every year, the expectations from the consumers also increase. Although, the current iPhone which rules the market has many useful features, the consumers await for the new iPhone 8 to leverage even the most against the money they pay. This brings me to the topic of expected iPhone 8 price which we shall discuss later. Right now I will be leading you through a series of features which we expect to be facilitated by the new Apple iPhone 8.

Stronger & Tougher iPhone 8

iPhone along with it’s unique elegance which it carries has also been known for the delicacy of it’s structure. One cannot even think of one’s iPhone slipping from the hands as it might surely results in a couple of cracks on the screen. This has been an issue which has prevented a lot of consumers to flag a red signal for buying an iPhone. Hence, we expect that the next generation iPhone will be strong enough to bear the mistakes of it’s owner. This shall surely help people remove the fear of handling an iPhone.

iPhone 8 With Next Generation Processor

iPhone has been known for the fluency it has offered to the consumers while they use it. With every series of iPhone, the level of performance has always increased given the upgrade of processors of installed in them. The recently released iPhone 6 & 6S work swiftly without any lag but many people have reported that it shows some traces of lag when battery is low. Hence, being such an eminent giant in the smartphone industry we would expect the 8th generation of iPhone to be free from such kind of ambiguities.

iphone 8 pictures

Stylish & Elegantly Designed iPhone 8

iPhone has always kept the design parameter simplistic. Since past few installments of iPhone including iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S, the design have been quite similar and not a single wow factor has been spotted. Hence, it is expected that Apple will bring some sort for innovation in the new iPhone 8 design which will yet again manage to steal the hearts of Apple fans. The screen for the iPhone will supposedly be made of sapphire glass. This will increase the rigidity of the iPhone 8 screen as well as enhance the shine simultaneously. The rumors also suggest that the 8th edition of iPhone will get rid of the home button and bring in a new technological substitute. This will further help in increasing the size of the iPhone 8 screen. Also the touch ID which was recently been introduces by Apple is most likely to shift on the screen given the absence of home button. Though these advancements might sound strange and mellifluous at the same time, they are highly needed as the next iPhone would be an 8th generation of the Apple iPhone series.

Advanced iPhone 8 Screen And Display

iphone 8 slimmest display

The screen size of iPhone have been progressively increase with each edition. Lately it has reached a size of 5.5 inch in it’s iPhone 6 & 6S models. According to the rumors, the iPhone 8 screen size will be no less than 6 inches and might even reach a mark of 6.5 inches. Also there have been few demands from the consumers of iPhone about the phone not being waterproof even in this technological era. Hence, we can also expect the new iPhone 8 screen to be waterproof.  Apple has been submitting various patents for the new technologies it has been developing in all these years. These include features like water proof display, gesture controls, etc. This is a strong indication that the iPhone 8 might be loaded with tons of gesture control features. Apple iPhone 6S has already received the 3D touch feature and hence we expect that some new upgrades and applications of 3D touch will be seen in the iPhone 8.

Other Rumored iPhone 8 Features

Before the launch of iPhone 6 & iPhone 6S, many people expected a facility of wireless charging. But as you know that nothing like this happened. And the Samsung, who has released the new Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge have included this feature of wireless charging in the smartphone. Hence, to facilitate it’s consumers with this feature, it is expected that iPhone 8 will support the wireless charging technology. Along with the new iPhone 8, a new iOS version might also be announced which shall power more applications for iPhone 8.

Apple has always been good with the camera in it’s iPhone. Though the latest iPhone 6 & 6S offers just 12 MP camera, the clarity of the pictures captured with them remains top notch. This is because of the strong back end technology which is used in Apple iPhone. So, we don’t expected much increase in Megapixel for the iPhone 8 camera, however some new technical features or advanced technology is expected to be installed in the iPhone 8 camera.

We have always witnessed that iPhone never fails to impress us with the kind of battery backup it offers. But, when we upgrade to a new model, we ought to make things better. And this is the only reason why we have expectations of the iPhone 8 battery being more durable than the ones being used by current consumers.

Till now, the iPhone have portrayed itself in 3 versions in terms of storage, 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. Though people who don’t require much storage capacity in their iPhone go for 16 GB model, the world has now come to a point when 16 Gb is just not enough for a normal smartphone user. Hence, we expect Apple to understand this dilemma of the consumers and come up with a 32 GB model discarding the 16 GB model. This is how we see the new Apple iPhone 8 storage attracting the people as many people feel hesitant to buy an iPhone with just 16 GB to use in it.

Now comes the main aspect of iPhone 8. The iPhone 8 price, which everyone wants to know as it is the moot point which decides whether the consumer perceives the product worth it or not. Given the level of advancements we are expecting in the new Apple iPhone 8, it won’t be fair to expect the iPhone 8 price to remain near the latest iPhone 6S. So, after analyzing all the features which iPhone 8 might possess, we can expect the iPhone 8 price to be anywhere between $900 to $1000 for a 64 GB model or it can even reach $1100 provided most of the rumored features are subsumed in the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 – The Upcoming Beast

Apple is the most valuable company in the planet. It is a brand which never fails to excite people long before its next device launches. The launches of the current devices are celebrated with as much fan-fare as the rumors of its upcoming devices. With a massive fan following around the globe, they are always laid with expectations for what they are going to launch. It is a rare brand which believes only in releasing flagship phones unlike other brands that have a fleet of phones under the same range. They are known for their breakthrough features but come with exorbitantly high prices. People who love Apple don’t mind shelling out a few extra bucks for the products they love. It is a brand which people not only trust but also revere with craziness.

iphone 8 golden

Apple was the one who made the phones smart. It came up with the first multi touch display without a physical keyboard and the rest is history. It was also the first one to start with apps that have now revolutionized the world of technology. We all loved when Steve Jobs used to come and introduce ‘One More Thing’ before us and it would just blow away our minds. The current iPhone in the market is the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s plus, they have been well received by the people as well as the critics. Just like every time, rumors about the next generations of the phones, start buzzing up and here we are talking about the iPhone 8. We are far away from the launch of iPhone 8 but are anticipating its features, specifications, price, release date and everything that lies in between.

iPhone 8 Release Date

iphone 8s

Apple has a set pattern regarding its release dates of every new iPhones. From the past many years, they have always launched them in September. September is the month for the new iPhones and this is not a surprise anymore. The dates are announced months before to spike up the buzz and on the launch day, millions of people see the unveiling of the phone. The new iPhone 8 is highly awaited as well.

Every alternate year, a new iPhone is launched which is completely redesigned and gets a makeover. The next year then is an upgraded version of the phone with the same look and feel. Considering this flow, the iPhone 8 is set to be released in September of 2018. We will see the all new iPhone 7 in the year 2016, the upgraded 7s in 2017 and then finally the much awaited iPhone 8 in 2018. It’s a long wait but it would be worth it. Let’s see what are the features and specifications of iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 Specifications

iphone 8s slim

The iPhone 8 will most probably have iOS 10 as its operating system as they have always been known to upgrade the OS with each new phone. It helps them give the inside of the phone a completely new look. The revamped OS will definitely have many new features that will make it more user-friendly and give the simplicity Apple is known for.

The processor is the core of the phone. It gives performance power to the phone and Apple has always been very considerate about it. The iPhone 8 will mostly feature an A11 chipset and it would be the most powerful processor from Apple. It will also be among the fastest processors ever used in a smartphone.

Coming to the battery, in the new iPhone 8 we will hopefully see a new technology implemented. Apple is looking to make layered units of battery so that it can be more efficient and fit in more number of batteries within the same space. With these new battery enhancements we will certainly see large improvements in the battery performance of the iPhone 8.

Camera has always been an integral element of the iPhone. We recently saw cameras of 12 MP being introduced in the 6s which were highly improved and capable of clicking great pictures. Till 2018, we hope the cameras will be completely new and are of DSLR quality. Front cameras have recently gained popularity and they have to be up to the mark as well.

Regarding the screen sizes, we have seen that Apple is launching two new devices with varying screen sizes to suffice the needs of both the demands. The current one has 4.7 and 5.5 inch versions and we see that growing in the years to come. The iPhone 8 will be around 5.5-6 inches in all its possibilities and the display may well be a 4k display.

iPhone 8 Features

iPhones have always came up with the next big feature in the smartphone world. With the iPhone 8, the bar is said to be raised higher. It will be have some amazing cool new features that other smartphone companies would eventually go on to replicate. The new iPhone is said to be completely water-proof, this is a late move from Apple but hopefully we will see it in the iPhone 8. The gesture passcodes will also be a part of the phone and would enhance the security. If rumors are to be believed, wireless charging would also be a part of iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 Price

The price of iPhones has more or less been the same as of the previous flagships so we can expect something around the range of iPhone 7 or 7s. It is indeed difficult to speculate the exact price of iPhone 8. The price would vary according to what storage capacity you purchase and would be around $950 for a 16 GB model, $1100 for a 32 GB one, $1200 for 64 GB and $1300 for the 128 GB variant. These are the estimated prices of the iPhone 8 and we would have to wait for the official confirmation to know the exact amounts.


What to expect from the camera and memory features of the iPhone 8? 

As soon as the name of the iPhone is brought up, you can find a number of people jump up in excitement with the mere mention of the name of the phone. Such is the brand reputation of the iPhone, which is manufactured by the Apple Inc. Company. The world is crazy for the phone’s features and specifications. Ask anyone about their dream smart phone and the answer will be the iPhone every time. Every year, Apple Company comes out with a brand new version in its series of iPhones. Same as every year, this year too, Apple will be launching the revolutionary iPhone 8, which is all that you should be waiting for.

Why is the Apple iPhone an absolute hit among fans?

This is a question worthy of thinking. After all, how can a brand keep the world population in grip over its range of smart phones? Well, the iPhone series, which is the company’s range of smart phones, is touted as the best performing smart phone that the world has seen till now. The performance standards of the iPhone are so high that users believe that the phone can be operated without any interruption for several hours. After all, what more does a user want from a smart phone. This is the reason why users are ready to shell out hefty bucks to get the iPhone and enjoy its features.

How is the camera performance of the iPhone 8

As always, Apple delivers the best for its users. The astounding features of the iPhone 8 will catch the world spectacularly. Apple brings something new for its users and customers with every new launch of an iPhone. So surely, iPhone 8 was also due to get a makeover in terms of its features, looks and specifications. Staying true to the idea, the camera of the iPhone 8 will be a 14 MP main camera, which will be every bit as amazing as the Apple assurance. The front camera will be a 4 MP beauty which will let you capture your selfie in an amazing fashion. So now, every time you go out with your friends to party, you can be your own photographer with the superb features of your iPhone 8. Apple Company will never sacrifice the quality of its camera and display as they are the pioneer features of its phones.

What about the memory capacity of the iPhone 8 

With the new trend, hopefully, the iPhone 8 will also come out in variants. What you can expect from the iPhone 8 are variants ranging from 64 GB to 256 GB. Even the Samsung Galaxy 6 smart phone was launched in variants of 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. With an amazing display, the phone was every bit a hit among the crowd as its previous versions. With the new iPhone 8, fans can expect new features and enhanced performance. Worth the deal!

This is all what you needed to know about the upcoming iPhone 8. Hopefully, the specifications and features would be as per our anticipation but we still have to wait and watch till 2018.