iPhone 8 Concept And Design

iPhone 8 has been a tremendously rumored topic in the world of smartphones, especially for the Apple fans. It has been just a month since the new iPhone SE was launched in the market. We had made a detailed analysis about the iPhone SE in the previous article. We all know that with every iPhone, Apple comes up with some awesome and intriguing features. We hence, expect the same kind of advanced features in the upcoming iPhone 8. Today we will be talking about the latest iPhone 8 Concept and the iPhone 8 Design. So make sure that you read the whole article and get the deep insights about the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 Concept

We all know that Apple is known for bringing about the elegance and class in the design of the iPhones, be it the very first iPhone or the latest flagship iPhone 6S. Hence, it is very evident and expected that the new iPhone 8 design will be mesmerizing and desirable enough for the people to buy the iPhone 8 in a snap of time. When it comes to talking about the design of the iPhone 8, the very first thing to be discussed is the size of iPhone 8 compared to the previous iPhone 6S or maybe iPhone 7.

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So let us tell you that a simple logic suggests that the size of iPhone 8 has to be relatively larger than theiPhone 6S. Hence, we can easily predict that the iPhone 8 screen size will swing around 5.5 to 6 inches. Now, it will be interesting to see what the Apple think tank feels about the iPhone 8 size. Next it the iPhone 8 display, which looks just crystal clear and you can substitute the iPhone 8 for a mirror. The new iPhone 8 display is expected to be equipped with Gorilla Glass to make it rough and tough. This will improve the durability of the device and ensure a damage free iPhone even after it falls down often.

iPhone 8 Design

iPhone 8 Design

Now that we now about the iPhone 8 screen and iPhone 8 display, the next thing which awaits is the iPhone 8 design. Now, the iPhone 8 design has always set a new benchmark after every iPhone release in the market. The latest iPhone SE also rocked the projectors at the launch event when it boggled the mind of people with it’s aesthetic design. Hence, the iPhone 8 design is more or less expected to follow the traditional iPhone approach but however, we might witness some changes in the placement of speakers, the volume buttons and maybe the advanced and new sensors.  Obviously, we will be here to enjoy the hallmark round button of iPhone 8 at the bottom which might be loaded with come more technological sensors this time.

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Conclusion :

Now, this was all we could gather about the iPhone 8 design and iPhone 8 Concept from the rumors brewing around on the internet. Though we expect at least 8% of our research to come up true and you will see that in the iPhone 8 launch event. Well, it will also be interesting to here from you guys. Tell us what all you expect from the new iPhone 8 in the comments below and let us know your views on the new iPhone 8 design. We will be back with a new iPhone 8 article soon.

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Apple iPhone SE Specifications and Design

There were continuous rumors about the new Apple iPhone being launched in the market. But no one knew which would be the next iPhone the world will see. Was it going to be an iPhone 7, iPhone 8 or something else. Finally however, the new iPhone SE was unveiled in an official event held by Apple. Now, what new have the Apple iPhone SE brought, is it even an upgrade to the latest iPhone 6S or just a sibling? We are here to answer all your doubts and present you the in depth insights to the Apple iPhone SE.

iPhone SE Design

Now, taking the first look at iPhone SE, the smartphone seems similar to iPhone 6S. Even the specifications match to that of iPhone 6S. So you might think what new does the iPhone SE holds for us? Well, maybe for the first time, Apple has taken a step forward to launch a budget friendly smartphone. Yes, now even those who would just dream of having an Apple iPhone could literally think of having one after the iPhone SE launch. We will discuss the software specifications and the iPhone SE price later in the article.

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Apple has now gone back to the small iPhones which can be handled well with one hand and still not give a hard time to our pockets. But the iPhone SE has kept itself desirable as it’s body is being made of aluminium just like it’s sibling iPhone 6S. Hence, even though covering more smartphone consumers by it’s price, iPhone SE has still managed to carry it’s charm with all those generic Apple iPhone things. The iPhone SE design is just as enticing as it should get. Needless to say once again Apple has launched a smartphone which will rock the market when it is launched.

  1. 4 Inch Screen with a resolution of 1136 x 640
  2. 64 Bit Apple Processor
  3. 12 MP rear camera with all the latest apple sensor technologies installed
  4. 1.2 MP front camera
  5. Touch ID
  • iPhone SE Design

Though the specifications of the iPhone SE is inclined more towards the iPhone 6S, but the design is inspired from the iPhone 5C. This is evident from the fact that the iPhone 6S has curved sides while the iPhone 5C and our new iPhone SE, both have straight sides. One thing which caught my attention was that the rear camera didn’t troubled the body and was at par with the surface and hence didn’t provide any bulge out. Rest all the buttons are well set at their usual positions, as found in an iPhone.

As we said that the iPhone SE is just like a sibling of iPhone 6S, hence the performance of iPhone SE will be just as much quick and reliable. However, Apple didn’t mention anything about the battery of iPhone SE and hence it can turn out to be an issue. But the moot point now remains the price of iPhone SE. So, let me tell you that the Apple iPhone SE will cost you $359 for the 16 GB model and $459 for the 64 GB model. The preorders for Apple iPhone SE will start from 24th March and the shipping for the same will from 31st March, 2016.

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iPhone iRelease is all about the new iPhones like iPhone 8 Release Date, Specs, Price and Features. and also the new updated iOS versions.

iPhone 8 Price, Concept Design And Specifications

Apples has always been a luxury brand for the elite people in this world. It has swiftly redefined itself from merely a phone to a class. In today’s world, having a Apple iPhone sets you apart from the crowd because of it’s eccentric peculiarity. Recently the latest launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S just brought back the charm Apple used to carry. Innovation is the key element which differentiates Apple from other smartphones.

People have always been fascinated by the diversity in the utilities offered by every new iPhone. We can takes the example of upcoming iPhone 8 concept design. Apple has been trying to bring in new technology in the iPhone 8 hardware. Though these are merely iPhone 8 rumors but they do hold some sort of authenticity. We have always traced some smell of iPhone 8 price which we will be sharing with your guys today along with the iPhone 8 leaked specifications.It all dates back to 29th June, 2007 when the first model of iPhone was introduced to this world. Everyone was baffled with this new smartphone given it’s unique features and it took no time to capture consumer’s hearts. It has been almost 9 years. The last iPhone which was released in 2015 was iPhone 6 &iPhone 6S. If we go according to the custom of Apple, the next model should definitely be iPhone 7 or maybe the ultimate iPhone 8. Whichever it may be, but we are sure to witness some alluring new design of the iPhone along with some new technological advancements and developed features. There are various parameters which could change in the new iPhone like iPhone 8 Screen, processors, design, specifications, etc. Many new features powered by upgraded sensors and gesture controls are also expected to arrive along with the iPhone 8. We will discuss every rumored information we have regarding the iPhone 8 here in this article.iPhone 8 Concept Design

iPhone has always kept it’s trademark in the world of smartphones by retaining a simple and classic design in all it’s versions. Though being nothing fancy, the iPhone design is filled with elegance and looks classy. Hence keeping this legacy stagnant, the iPhone 8 concept design also has the same charm of a typical iPhone. However, some lavish touches have been added with has just enhanced the look of the iPhone. As you can see in the images, there are various concept design which could turn out into the new iPhone 8. Possibilities are endless just as imaginations.
You never know what Apple is thinking, but it is surely ahead of all our predictions. Therefore, you can expect the new iPhone 8 design to be atleast up to the standard of these images or even better. As we know that Apple has always delivered desirable products, the iPhone 8 will again be something new to look forward to.iPhone 8 SpecificationsiPhone 8 Specifications and Features are not those which belong to just another smartphone ready be launched next week. Apple takes enough time to showcase their research in the field of smartphone and launched mind boggling iPhone every year. So the iPhone 8 specifications are definitely not like those of a conventional smartphone.

As we know that the iPhone 6 & iPhone 6S which was the last launch by Apple had a screen size of 5.5 inch, the new iPhone 8 will surely have a screen size of atleast 6 inches or even more. News have also been brewing that the iPhone 8 will be adopting AMOLED display. Some also say that it will features an OLED display screen. But the moot point is that the new iPhone 8 screen will be better than the previous one. We also have an expectation that the new iPhone 8 Display/Screen shall be tough to break and discard the fear from water, i.e it should be water resistant as well.


Talking about the Camera, we take present you a simple comparison. You can try taking picture from an iPhone camera which is 8 MP and then carry out the same thing with another smartphone with 8MP camera. You will be shocked to see the difference. The iPhone 8 Camera will surely increase the difference as we do not expect Apple to go beyond 13 or 14 MP camera in iPhone 8. The present iPhone 6 & iPhone 6S posses a 12 MP camera and the picture quality is beyond perfection. Hence what we expect from the iPhone 8 Camera is some new sensors which can help in taking pictures dynamically. It would be interesting to see what Apple comes up with in the new iPhone 8 Camera.

iPhone 8 Memory need a lot of revision. We had mentioned this thing in our previous post as well. There is a lot of demand from consumers that the iPhone should also offer a 32 GB model. Previously there was an era when those who wouldn’t need much of memory would buy a 16 GB model. But the world has changed a lot and even those who don’t need much of memory feel that 16 Gb is too less for a smartphone consumer today. Hence, we expect that Apple will acknowledge this request and bring in a 32 GB iPhone 8 model for their fans.

Apple iPhone 8 Price & Release Date

When we talk about improved features and better technology, we should should also realize that the price for the same would increase. The recently launched iPhone 6 & iPhone 6S had their prices in the range of $800. Hence, after the release of iPhone 7, we can not expect the iPhone 8 price to be anywhere below $900 or $950. So now that we know This is very difficult to predict. But given the present scenario, we can see that Apple is all set to release the new iPhone 5SE in March, 2016. So if we consider that Apple will release the new iPhone 7, then we can not expect to see the iPhone 8 launch event anywhere before 2018. But if Apple decides to skip the iPhone 7, then the consumers will get to witness the iPhone 8 launch date in 2017 itself. So it all depend on how Apple takes the further decisions, but we can be sure that we will get to see the new iPhone 8 in the market in a couple of years down the line.